Sanitas Brand

February 27, 2020

According to the “memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the event of a disaster”, established between Monos Group and the Government of Mongolia in November in 2018, our company operates in the case of a national emergency and its staff disaster medicine, hospital equipment and sterilization necessary for the needs ensure the availability and supply of the disinfectant.

Thus, we have continuously manufactured Sanitas branded products within the framework of social responsibility and continuously stocked up special resources for the state emergency agencies in accordance with the established schedule. Since the launch of the Sanitas Hand Soap and Hand Sterilizer Gel, we have been pursuing Child traffic accident prevention activities.

We have been expanding our activities since 2016 and have been implementing the “Sanitas 50 program” for the 6th year and provide MNT 50 from each  sales revenue of Sanitas brand to Child traffic accident prevention activities for social responsibility and work together with the Metropolitan Ministry of Education and the traffic police to work on the prevention and prevention of child accidents. Within the framework of this social responsibility we do the following activities:


  1. The child is travelingmeeting

The “The child is traveling” meeting involved 229 state-owned kindergartens in the capital and, in the framework of the training, working with the Road Police General on how to protect a young child in a traffic accident.


  1. Training for primary-grade students of Secondary school.

We, with the help of a professional physician, have taught young children how to grow bacteria through their hands and the importance of having their hands sterilized before eating, and about diarrhea caused by dirty hands and how many other children suffer from other infectious diseases. Our team suggests to them to use antibacterial hand sanitizer regularly.

  1. Warning video which call on children to prevent traffic accidents.

Since 2016, the Sanitas brand, NGOs and General Traffic Police Office prepared “The child is traveling” warning video which call on children to prevent traffic accidents and placed it on the social network to prevent traffic accidents.

  1. Kinder police program

According to the “must meet the standards of the school and kindergarten zone, and prevent road accidents” article which indicated in 16th section of 2018-2019 academic year’s goal and targets of the Head of the capital city’s education department, we have proposed organizing a Kinder police child accident prevention campaign among the state-owned kindergartens of the capital, involving 229 state-owned kindergartens in the capital, involving 44-46 parents and caregivers on average from one kindergarten, and employing more than 10,000 kindergarten police.

We decided to make the event an annual tradition and presented 2 vests and 2 beacons for each garden. But for parents working as kinder police, we provided a handbook, file, and video that provided information on child traffic accidents in collaboration with a Transport Police Colonel. By providing this information to parents digitally, it has helped to reduce the carelessness of adults.

  1. Training for kindergarten teacher

We, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, have organized a module-based communication modular training course with leading teachers including 2262 state-owned kindergarten teachers.

During this training, we worked with “The child is traveling” non-governmental organization on child traffic accidents, how to properly belt child seats, and how parents and teachers can help prevent road accidents, and provided necessary information. We also provided training brochures for children in kindergarten through their teachers on how to properly seat a child in the car.