February 27, 2020

MUPS’ Primary three Force, LLC was established in July 2016 with the purpose of introducing the production of scientific research works by Faculty members and Pharmacology researchers, as well as producing and developing quality assurance of medicine, biological supplements and innovative projects.” On April 4 of 2017 the Ministry of Health of Mongolia gave a unique license for the production of “Bioactive Product” and operations are currently being carried out.

1 The official name of the company  “Primary three Force, LLC”
2 Year of establishment July of 2016
3 Number of employees 8
4 Areas of activity Ø  Introduce scientific research works in factories.

Ø  Promote the quality assurance of medicine, development of biological supplements of products and implementation of innovative projects.

Ø  Manufacture and distribution of biological supplements of plants, animals and minerals originally found on the lands of Mongolia.



Our mission is to introduce new ideas, projects in the Pharmaceutical Industry and to distribute to the domestic market products developed by faculty members and researchers of the MUPS (Mongolian University of Pharmaceutical Sciences.)


We are a leading provider of world-class technology and standards solutions, also we are a prominent figure in this field because of our production of innovative drugs and products, import, export, and development of projects.

Product introduction

By studying the benefits of three types of Mongolian wild fruits: cranberry, blueberry, sea-buckthorn, the company mass produces and supplies to the market the bioactive natural product named “ВИТОС+ЖИМС ” (enriched with Vitamin C, which enhances the immune system.) This product further addresses problems such as the oxidative damage to the human body, carbohydrate exchange, vascular permeability, blood clotting, tissue regeneration, detoxification in the liver and its anti-toxic effects, and adaptation of the body to stimulation. The following products are in the clinical trail phases of testing, researching and registration.