Monos Pharm - GMP factory

Monos Pharm pharmaceutical factory produces around 80 types of medicines and 30 of them are our own branded medicines including 25 medicines which are listed in indispensable medicines of Mongolia. Our medicines are produced in various types such as tablets, coated tablets, capsules, powder, pills, galen, cream, talcum powder, liquid, extract and syrup. We have total of 150 employees in our company and around 60% of them have professional degrees and qualifications.


Monos foods JSC manufactures health products, such as “TSENEG” brand’s 7 different type of biology active drinks, “ENKHJIN” brand’s 11 different caffeine free health tea, “ECO” instant teas with blueberry, Lingonberry, Seabuckthorn flavored teas, as well as ECO UEG milk teas. Also, ECOS alkaline soft water, 100% pure seabuckthorn oil, seabuckthorn and lingonberry juices, overall, Monos Foods manufactures 6 brands 82 SKU products, presenting it to the customers.


Monos Cosmetics LLC is the national producer which manufactures 115 SKU cosmetic products. The company has over 28 years of history, uses natural raw materials as their main ingredients, and produces all kind of biology active and non-active cosmetic products. Biomon skin set with Shilajit, Mare milk, Seabuckthorn, Biogen anti-wrinkle skin set, Aloe and Maral skin moisturizing set, hand sanitizer and soap named Sanitas, Perfumed hand creams, Children skin sets are the most popular products of Monos Cosmetics.

MOIL organic cosmetics

Since 2018, 100% organic Moil brand was introduced to the market. Moil brand manufactures bath bombs, skin peeling gels, bath bubble, bath salt and lip balm, soak for both adults and children.