Monos Group's culture is created by our own talented staff, so our organization culture is a pride of Monos Group.

Monos Group is one of the top 10 private entities in Mongolia. This is largely due to the community's commitment, partnership and customer's trust.

We are striving to our employee to have a better opportunity to develop, grow, as well as social welfare, friendly and work environment.

The Monos Group provides a variety of incentives and benefits to its employees, opportunities for development, social welfare and other benefits.

Working Environment

  • Talented and friendly atmosphere
  • Supportive team , encouraging new initiatives
  • Equal opportunity to grow
  • Performance based bonus and compensation system
  • Opportunity to work in variety of business sector
  • Competitive salary

Training & Development

We provide our employee’s to access any professional training and development in workplace. In the mean time we have such program and hosting/running at the moment, “Leaders of Tomorrow”, “Leadership” academy, Success training

Manager’s 60 second, Charge for a second, Orientation and professional team, educational club... hosting development programs continuously, in order to improve the skill of our employee.

Health and Care

Monos Group is focusing on social issues in the work place. Especially:

  • Wedding veremony
  • Caring for a new born
  • Grieving/ Misfortune / loss of family member
  • Medical checkups, Accident insurance issues
  • Become a Pensioner
  • Additional Compensation based on extra year

The best of the year nomination, who could filled those criteria : new initiatives, tangible results, distinguished among peer with a successful projects, improvement of the skill, lead in group, active engagement in social activities.

Social Activities

Organize sports activities for employees, in purpose of creating bright and positive corporate culture, increasing work productivity, team building in work environment, especially: the snow festival, ``Monos at Naadam Square`` parade, Monos in their harvesting field, ``We Are One`` sport event, ``We Are Monos``, the Arts Festival, the Future of Creative Environments, Monos Expo, New Year's Day, Health campaign.


The Arts Festival is organized every two years under the slogan ``WE ARE MONOS`` for the promotion and aim to discover the talent of the employee and improve the work atmosphere and ability to work in team and to spend leisure time.

Sport festival

Sport team those who have selected from their subsidiary companies hosts sports activities under the name of “We Are One” annually. It brings solidarity among employees and significantly improve ability work performance among peer.

Leaders of Tomorrow

This is a program focused on developing leading managers and employees' professional growth and personal development. Moreover, the Leaders of Tomorrow NGO operational structure recreated and founded the Leadership Academy in order to spread the Monos Group’s vision and culture and to create a strong competitive team.


The ``Pharmacist`` club is chainned to the Monos Group's core values, vision, purpose and operating principle, representing the common interests and opinions of pharmacists. Belongs to the policy of Monos Group, enhancing the professional knowledge of the professionals of pharmacists, reputation of pharmacists , aims to build the best community of value-added colleagues and improve linkages between specialist physicians.


Monos Master club is the official member of the Toastmaster International, Morning birds voluntary English club, which is covered under the educational program. Especially in terms of creating the libraries with English books, work environment, using English more frequently in daily life, standardizing English language knowledge among Monos Group, using in terms of human resource criteria.

Monos Pride Day

Monos Group is a Group of the company that has laid its foundation in 1990 as a first private pharmaceutical and beauty manufacturer in Mongolia. Monos Group has grown from a small private company to one of the biggest conglomerates with many subsidiary companies in sector of not only in health care, but also well known in manufacturing, trading, construction, financing and investment, researching and education sectors. During the Monos Pride day which is the birthday of Monos as well, the Chairman of Monos Group, Honored Officer of Mongolian State Prize, Honorary Health Protection, Doctor of Medicine, Professor L. Khurelbaatar welcomes the special employees of the year with their family.


Those who loves hiking established hiking club in 2013. The purpose of the club is to encourage all Monos employees to attend a social and physical activity with their co-workers to spend their leisure time outdoor conveniently. Our motto was ``Fresh air, healthy life``, afterwards it changed into “Let's enjoy the fresh air while supporting the liver and lungs operation” . Monos Group’s subsidiary companies hosted those outdoor events mainly.


Monos Group has been sponsoring and organizing 256 wrestlers match honoring Songinokhairkhan mountain annually on April every year as part of company Social responsibility.