Greetings to you, who is visiting the Monos Group webpage.

I would like to express my graduate from the bottom of my heart to all the customers, partners who have trusted and supported us for the last 30 years for our work, dedication towards public health. “Monos” has become one of the leading conglomerates' companies with more than 1600 employees in the health, cosmetics, service industry.

We have more than 30 businesses under our umbrella such as manufacturing, retail, trade, investment, finance, IT and our brand products has started to export into the international market.

MONOS or making wonders of Mongolian intelligence known to the world and using the works, findings of Mongolian in intelligence for the health and wellbeing of Mongolians.

The Monos team is dedicating our knowledge, heart, creativity towards the sake of your health, beauty.

The Chairman of Monos Group, L.Khurelbaatar